Ours is the most persecuted site on the Internet. It is one of only two sites ever banned from the Disqus commenting engine. It is the only site in history to have its routes nulled in a legal jurisdiction upstream from its Internet hosting. It has been kicked off of dozens of Internet hosts and payment platforms, as those of you who choose to generously attempt to financially support it are well aware.

As a result we have to do our own credit processing and rotating with an array of processors so that no single one can have itself shut it down.

This week we surpassed Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard in popularity. We are officially more politically important than neocons now. It is a massive publication by readership. We are bigger than the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which serves the entire state contained in its name. We are also rapidly growing. Every day we advance our position in the traffic ranks. We will soon be the equivalent of one of the US’s top 25 newspapers.

Unlike those newspapers, we need extra infrastructure running in parallel to avoid massive conspiracies to censor it. Unlike those newspapers, we don’t have to worry about three letter organizations attacking us at the behest of Congress. Those newspapers don’t get demands from Congressman to the FBI director to have them shut down. We do.

We are going to continue to grow, but we can’t do it without your help. Publications much smaller than us have hundreds of employees and entire buildings to support them. We have a ragtag handful of men who just want to see ZOG destroyed with all their hearts. We need infrastructure support and for them to have enough to eat.

Help us do this. Consider how much a major newspaper costs an issue. If you send the same amount to us, you’ll not only continue receiving the laughter and joy of reading our site, you’ll be propagandizing your political philosophy with our best in class efficacy and reach to the whole world and propelling faithful Republican thought into the mainstream.

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Hail victory.